5 Word-for-Word Scripts to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work and Home

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MaryBeth Hyland 5 Boundary Scripts

5 Word-for-Word Scripts on How to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work and Home

(For High Achieving Female Entrepreneurs)

Download my 5 Word-for-Word Scripts on How to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work and Home so that you can feel immediate relief from burnout, stress and overwhelm.

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With These Boundaries Phrases You'll Know:

set boundaries at work

How to Set Healthy Boundaries At Work

For times when you are feeling overwhelmed with all your priorities and need to regroup. 

Set Boundaries At Home

How to Set Healthy Boundaries At Home

For times when you are feeling overwhelmed with managing your daily tasks at home and you don’t know where to start.

Set Boundaries With Clients

How Set Healthy Boundaries With Clients

For times when your clients get super excited about adding on more work and you need to remind them of the scope in order to adjust your agreement (and pricing!).

Set Boundaries With Friends

How to Set Healthy Boundaries With Friends

For times when you are kindly invited to something that you simply don’t have the capacity (or interest) to attend.

Set Boundaries With Family

How to Set Healthy Boundaries With Family

For times when you need to ignite empathy and ask for support from your family members but aren’t sure how to get them on board.

Set Boundaries with Yourself

Bonus! How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Yourself

For times when you need to remind yourself that you are worthy and have permission to put your needs ahead of others.

MaryBeth Hyand

Hi, I'm MaryBeth Hyland

I am an award-winning female entrepreneur, and I help fellow high-achieving entrepreneurs who are struggling to prioritize their own needs, stop burning out, and better manage their well-being alongside their clients, family, and community commitments.

My 5 Word-for-Word Scripts to Set Healthy Boundaries at Work and Home has been responsible for empowering women to speak their truth, own their energy and achieve the lifestyle they intended to when they originally started their business.

Without it, you will waste your time stuck in an energy draining vortex struggling to find time to do the things that really matter in your business.

With it, you can eliminate all of the emotional fatigue and uncertainty around boundary setting and have a simple script to create new standards for your daily expectations igniting limitless energy and freedom in your life. Cheers to your journey to alignment!

MaryBeth Hyland

What Actual Clients Have To Say

Gina Richmond, CEO, Bloomtopia

“MaryBeth helped me set boundaries, develop a toolkit to have a plan to stay accountable to my core values and infuse them to every part of my life and business."

~ Gina Richmond,
CEO, Bloomtopia

Amy Chase, Consultant

“I used to be so exhausted from all the time that I spent worrying about other people. I was emotionally drained, I was physically drained. And when I started the working with MaryBeth, I started every week to feeling better and more in control - one boundary at a time.”

~ Amy Chase,

Sherifah Munis, Social Entrepreneur

“MaryBeth asks the right questions, truly listens, and helped me gain clarity on areas I wanted to focus on and set boundaries around. She's the real deal.”

~ Sherifah Munis,
Social Entrepreneur

What are boundaries?

Boundaries are the limits and space required for physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being. They provide you with a sense of control and security and allow you to establish your unique values and needs. Through self-awareness, self-compassion and self-care, they are a crucial aspect of giving yourself permission to be human. 

In the words of Prentis Hemphill, “Boundaries are the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously.”

Strong boundaries are essential for your overall health and happiness. It helps you to feel in control of your life, and to avoid feeling overwhelmed or taken advantage of by others. Most importantly, clear and loving boundaries define how we can authentically establish trust and respect with one another. Not forcing or bending someone else to another’s will. 

Unfortunately, most of us were never taught how to set boundaries. And worse yet, told that having boundaries made you selfish or entitled. In particular, women in the US have been domesticated by society to put others' needs ahead of their own to be a “good person.” Thankfully, these outdated ways of thinking are now changing with more and more people yearning for ways to set boundaries on purpose.  

However, setting and maintaining boundaries can be challenging, especially if you’ve never successfully done it before. It may require practicing assertiveness and learning to communicate your needs and wants in a clear and direct manner. It may also involve confronting past experiences that may have taught you to ignore your own boundaries, such as abuse or neglect.

Boundaries are essential. By setting and maintaining clear boundaries, you will feel in control of your life, establish trust and respect in your relationships, and avoid feeling overwhelmed or taken advantage of by others. 

What are Healthy Boundaries?

So here’s the deal. There is such a thing as healthy and unhealthy boundaries. 

Healthy boundaries are intended to create a solution. Unhealthy boundaries are often fear-based trigger responses. Healthy boundaries consciously consider both parties. Unhealthy boundaries unconsciously ignore consideration or either party.  

For instance…

Unhealthy Boundary: Ignoring someone trying to get closure around a triggering experience with you. 

Healthy Boundary: Telling someone you don’t have the capacity to have a deep conversation right now. 

At their best, healthy boundaries create crystal clear clarity around expectations and agreements so no one leaves disappointed. 


Expectations - Agreement = Disappointment

Why are Healthy Boundaries Important?

Healthy boundaries are essential for maintaining a healthy and respectful relationship with yourself and others. They help you to take care of yourself and to avoid being taken advantage of, mistreated, or manipulated. They also help to avoid becoming overly involved in someone else's problems so that you can maintain your independence and avoid co-dependency.

When you set and enforce your boundaries, you show others that you have respect for yourself and that you expect the same in return. This will exponentially improve the quality of your relationships.

How to Set and Maintain Healthy Boundaries

Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries requires self-awareness and assertiveness. Here are some tips to help you set and maintain healthy boundaries:

Identify your boundaries: Start by thinking about what you are comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with in your relationships with yourself and others. Consider your physical, emotional, and mental limits, and list everything draining you because you don’t have a healthy boundary. 

Communicate your boundaries: Once you have identified your drains, determine an appropriate boundary to communicate. Be clear and concise, and avoid using vague or ambiguous language. It's also important to be lovingly assertive and to stick to your boundaries once they have been set.

Enforce your boundaries: Once you have communicated your boundaries, it's important to enforce them. This means protecting yourself and your boundaries, even if it means saying "no" or standing up for yourself. A boundary means nothing if it’s not enforced.

Be flexible: It's important to remember that healthy boundaries are not set in stone and can change over time. Be open to adjusting your boundaries as your needs and priorities change.

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